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    Customise options in a list box

    Sunil Kenth



      I would like to know if it is possible to customise the options i have available to select in a list box?


      I have a standard list box in my application which displays information from a field in my dataset, however i would like to change some of the values, this is what i have in my dataset:



      Baby Plan

      Merchandise Sales



      Web Sales

      Wes Sales



      I would like to display:


      Order                    Description                    Mapping to values in dataset

      1.                           Store Merch                     Merchandise Sales

      2.                           BPlan                                BPlan

      3.                           WES/SHD                       SHD & Wes Sales

      4.                           Direct in Store                 BPlan + WES

      5.                           Total Store                       Store Merch + Direct in Store(above)

      6.                           Web Sales                       Web Sales

      7.                           Telesales                         Telesales

      8.                           Direct in Home                Web Sales + Telesales

      9.                           All Channels                     Store Merch + Direct in Store + Web Sales + Telesales

        • Customise options in a list box
          Sunil Chauhan

          In expression


          in general title

          'Order                '&'Descripton                     '&' Mapping to values in dataset'


          in expression

          Order  &'            '& Description&'                      '& if(Description='BabyPlan','BPlan',if(Description='SHD','SHD'&'Webpaln'......))



          hope this help

            • Customise options in a list box
              Sunil Kenth

              Hi Sunil,


              Thanks for the response.  I ended up creating several additional fields based on the original field and then using if statements to group the values together.  I then had to play around with border and shadows on the front end to make it look like one selection box.