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    Local Server Groups and Active Directory

      I appologise if this has been answered previously, but I was unable to find an answer to my query.


      I have a QV server V9.0 with 2 LDAP Directory Service Connectors configured.


      The one domain I have admin rights for Active Directory administration, the other I do not.


      For the domain that I have admin rights, I have created a domain user group for qlikview users.


      I can control document access by either DOMAIN\GROUP or DOMAIN\USERNAME  for the domain that I have Admin rights.


      For the domain that I have no admin rights I have created a local user group on the QV server and then added the domain users to this group.


      How can I use this local user group for document access as the following do not seem to work?






      Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong, or is this functionality not supported in Server V9?


      At the moment I am adding the domain users for the second domain individually for all documents. This will not be manageable in the long term.


      Many thanks