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    Problems with QECM: Reload Engine disconnected, no tasks to display

    Franziska schuette



      i have some troubles with my QlikView Server. On the Server is the QlikView Version 10.00 with the release Number SR3 installed. The operating System on the Server is X64. The server had to be restarted since a task made the server crash. The QlikViewServer has been working fine since then with some restrictions regarding the visualisazition in the QEMC:  For instance the scheduled tasks are working, but in the QEMC they are not listed anymore.

      Instead in the Status Tab Tasks is shown "no tasks to display" (although there are tasks to display) and in the Status Tab Services the Reload Engine is shown as disconnected.


      I dont know how to fix that problem. Does anybody have an idea?


      Thanks in advance!