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    Thematic maps

    Mathias Vanden Auweele

      Dear Qlikcommunity,


      My company uses the program Mapinfo in order to draw thematic maps based on database information. I'm looking into switching over to Qlikview for this however with little succes. I know that I can import google maps and can place dots on it but I need to add shape files and adjust parameters like colors based on database information. How can I do this? I do not really need google maps in order to draw my maps, just some way of importing shape files...



        • Thematic maps



          If you want you could try out IdevioMaps as an alternative to Google Maps, it's a faster, more interactive way to use maps within Qlikview. IdevioMaps is available to Qlikview as an extension object.


          Please visit www.idevio.com/demo for more info and demos. Demo #2 shows thematic map, region coloring with US state statistics.


          Best regards,


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            Camille ROSSI

            Hello bluemtms,


            Business Geografic has developed GeoQlik, a mapping extension for QlikView, which enables you to display any kind of information on maps within Qlikview (your maps are integrated into your QlikView documents just like any other object of this decision-making portal).


            GeoQlik certainly can meet your needs.


            I thus suggest you to register to one of our next GeoQlik webinars, so that you can learn more about our mapping extension for QlikView. What do you think about it ?


            All dates are available on http://www.business-geografic.com/en.html ; the next GeoQlik webinar in English is on January 24th.


            Don’t hesitate to register online, we’ll be glad to talk to you and answer your specific questions during this session. 



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              GIS/Maps Analytics in QlikView is a very interesting topic indeed.


              QlikView customers and channel partners are interested in displaying their QlikView KPI indicators on Geographic maps but also sometimes on a Building Plan (ex: logistic warehouse, supermarket, hospital, etc).


              Business Geografic has developed a mapping extension for QlikView (V9, V10, V11) namely "GeoQlik" and we have been a Technology Partner of QlikTech since 2006 starting with QlikView 8!


              I hereby suggest you to have a look at our new mapping extension for QlikView 11 "SR1": GeoQlik v11.6.



              Please find hereafter a few screenshots of GeoQlik V11.6 using WMS/TMS services to display QlikView KPIs:





              Thanks and best regards,



              @ Business Geografic

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                  Hello guys


                  I have a question on Geoqlik, I have my data  that I want to explore on a QlikView dashboard, and I have a Shape File of my data's geographic extent. could you explain how my data can be projected on a map using GeoQlik and QlikView  having in mind that my server is not connected to the internet ( so it can not connect to any mapping API) , and no ArcGIS is installed on it.


                  could you please direct me to more technical documentation of GeoQlik so I can learn more how it can handle shape files and KML

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                  Manuel De Pauw



                  If you server is not connected to the internet, indeed you cannot access to a Base Map API such as Google Map or Open Street Map.


                  But GeoQlik can connect to any TMS (Tile Map Service) or WMS (Web Map Service). Such a TMS/WMS can be local then. You could then decide to create an instance of Open Street Map in your datacenter (heavy operation as the data is huge and constantly updated...) or connect to any server which delivers maps thru those protocols (QGIS server could be a candidate).


                  You could also decide NOT to use an internet accessible Base Map but use a map of the World, Provinces, etc...build from shape files for instance and served from your datacenter or even your server. GeoQlik allows you to configure as many layers as you need and play with the layer visibility thresholds, look & feel and depth so your maps looks exactly the way you want. It can handle large amount of cartographic data thanks to the embedded cartographic engine.


                  Once done, your data will appear on top of those regions.


                  If you want more info on how to use shape file to create your own maps as described, then you need to contact GeoQlik team via the GeoQlik web site (www.geoqlik.com). There are frequent webinars too.