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    Don't display certain values of dimension

    Marco Bombonato

      Hi everybody,

      first sorry for my bad English.

      Briefly summarize the problem: I have two tables, the first contains the data of workers with time worked and the period, the second contains the data the expectation that some workers take (always start date and end date).

      Based on input box calculation of the total workers in more than I would like to see those who are on leave. Everything works, but the problem is that the table I also shows the codes that are not current expectations based on my input boxes (I use the "Set Analysis" to calculate the expectation).

      And now the question: is not possible to show the expectation that the codes are not valid for the value of input box?

      I attach the file that is much clearer.

      By entering the date 1/1/2012 in the table should see only the code 1 of the worker 200.