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    Names to be Displaced not as a Dimesion but as Expression

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi friends,


      I need some help. I tried a lot of ways but could not achieve it. May be some Guru can help me out.

      I have a Chart and I need Personal names to be displayed on the rightside of a Chart. That can be achieved as you all know in a Expression rather than a Dimension. If I use Concat(Names) in the Expression, I get to see when I place my cursor the names of Personal but I cannot Print. As the customer needs to Print the names it is difficult to show. It can be achieved by using Personal names as a Dimesion and as a Expression but again the customer does not want it. I hope anyone can help...

      In the below figure at the right side ther are the names of the Personal where I used Concat(Names)

      error loading image

      In the below figure I used the names as Dimension and also as a Expression. How can I have only Expression and Achieve the below Output?

      error loading image


      Thanks In advance..