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    Publisher Task Times out after 45 Minutes

    Paul Routledge


      We have large batch of non dependant tasks that run overnight and we schedule them all in Publisher to start at the same time.

      Some of the tasks take minutes to run, some of them can take over an hour.


      Some of the tasks fail with this error:

      01/01/2012 02:15:06     Error     Failed to allocate a QlikView Engine.

      01/01/2012 02:15:06     Error     No QlikView Engine was available after waiting for 45 minutes

      01/01/2012 02:15:06     Error     Reload failed because the document could not be opened successfully. DocumentState=CouldNotGetSlot

      01/01/2012 02:15:06     Error     Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

      01/01/2012 02:15:06     Error     The task "QV Instrument Dataload" failed. ErrorCount=4


      It looks as though once a task has been scheduled if it doesn;t get allocated and engine within 45 minutes it fails.


      We have set "Max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for distribution" to be the same as the number of CPU cores and don;t want to set it a ny higher.


      How can we raise this default 45 minutes and allow the submitted, pending jobs to run as and when an engine becomes available.