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    Script Execution Progress "-1 <<" lines fetched

      The below script execution progress results displays a "-1" when fetching the rows to Left Join records to a table called TblMetrics.I have never seen this before.  What does the -1 refer to?  It results in one TblMetrics but I am not sure what could be wrong.  So far, the data validation is looking good but I am concerned over the unknown.  This does not happen with any of my other Left Joins.
      TblMetrics << Temp1 2,666,763 lines fetched
      TblMetrics-1 << RefIAPEC2PilotPartners 51 lines fetched
        • Script Execution Progress "-1 <<" lines fetched
          Jakub Michalik

          I think "TblMetrics-1" is a name of a temporary table during join (because of a TblName: label somewhere before the loadstatement, QlikView would like to name that table "TblMetrics", however, "TblMetrics" already exists, so it appends "-1" to the name). If it gets dropped after join and does not appear in the model, I wouldn't worry about it.

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            QV seems to create an temporay table to store the results of the load statement before actually joining these results to the original table.


            Typically, you won't assign a name to this temporary table, and QV uses the last table name to which data is loaded to / appended to.

            However, QV won't concatenate to this table, and thus add the "-1" to create a unique table name (similar to NOCONCATENATE).


            After the join this temporary table is dropped automatically.


            To fix the output in the trace, I tend to assing a name to this temporary table... (above the join statement), as in:


            [Table A]:

            Load ....



            [Table B]:

            Load ...



            [Table A Temporary Join Table]:     // To make trace output more meaningfull

            LEFT JOIN ([TABLE A])

            Load ....

            Resident [Table B]