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    Calculated Dimension Problem

    Stefan van Diepen

      Hello to all,


      I am currently working on a ABC-Analysis for our product base.

      I want to build this into our Qlikview dashboard using a grid chart.

      Our ABC-Analysis is based on Sales and on Margin as follows:


      Sales: top 70% = A, between 70% and 90% = B, between 90% and 100% = C.

      Short example to clarify:


      ProductSales% of TotalCum. %

      As you can see, as soon as the Cum. % is higher than 70%, it becomes B, and as soon as it is higher than 90%, it becomes a C.


      Margin: if the Margin is larger than 30% = A, if between 20% and 30% = B, if smaller than 20% = C.


      I have used a calculated dimension for the Margin, as follows:

      =if([Contributive Margin]<20,'C',if([Contributive Margin]>30,'A','B'))


      That one works. Now I want to use a calculated dimension for the Sales as well.

      However, I do not know how to fill in that one correctly...


      I will include a small example Qlikview-file I have built, as to clarify it further.

      It uses the same data as the small example table above. I will add that Excel-file as well .


      What I want to see in the end should look something like this:


      QV ABC Example.png

      This is based on the data in the Excel file and the QV-file.

      If anyone could look into this, that would be great!


      If you have any questions, please ask! .


      And ofcourse, thanks in advance!