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    Forecast in Qlikview

    Pierre Philouze



      I got a chart with the evolution of efficiency rate and I am trying to display forecast for the next month.

      For the moment I am just using the trend of my line and displaying it in the future. I got this expression :


      If( $(EfficiencyRate),


                If( date >= Date(Now()),

                          linest_m(TOTAL aggr(if($(EfficiencyRate),$(EfficiencyRate)),date),date)*date


                          linest_b(TOTAL aggr(if($(EfficiencyRate),$(EfficiencyRate)),date),date)




      I got dates of the next month with no value for the efficiency rate.


      But if I select a value in one of my lists, the forecast is not displayed. Only dates with value are displayed (past values). Future dates are not available.

      Forecast is not displayed if I delete the TOTAL key word in my expressin...


      Is there a solution for having my forecast in all cases ?