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    Quarterly trend charts to show trailing 4 quarter numbers



      I have been asked to develop a bar chart (with 5 bars, dimension-X is the fiscal quarters sorted in descending order, dimension-Y is the accumulated sales) which shows :-


      BAR 1: Q2 FY12 (current quarter) - total for Q2 FY12 until Q3 FY11 (meaning totals for current quarter plus previous 3 quarters)
      BAR 2: Q1 FY12 - total for Q1 FY12 until Q2 FY11 (meaning totals for Q1FY12, Q4FY11, Q3FY11 and Q2FY11)
      BAR 3: Q4 FY11 - total for Q4 FY11 until Q1 FY11 (meaning totals for Q4FY11, Q3FY11, Q2FY11 and Q1FY11) 
      BAR 4: Q3 FY11 - total for Q3 FY11 until Q4 FY10 (meaning totals for Q3FY11, Q2FY11, Q1FY11 and Q4FY10) 
      BAR 5: Q2 FY11 - total for Q2 FY11 until Q3 FY10 (meaning totals for Q2FY11, Q1FY11, Q4FY10 and Q3FY10)


      May i know what would be the simplest way to achieve this? I have been trying to use the Expression Accumulation (with 4 steps back - pls see attched file). Unfortunately, there are two problems with this approach: 1) the bars will have to be sorted in accending order instead of descending order. 2) I will have to show eight bars (ie from Q2FY12 to Q3FY10) instead of the requested 5 bars (ie from Q2FY12 to Q2FY11) in order to get the accumulation works. Kindly please help me as this is an urgent request from the user. Thanks so much.