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    Aggregation at different level

      I have 2 tables



      Sales Order      Item

      123                  ABC

      123                  DEF

      456                  XYZ

      456                  PQR



      Sales Order     Step Type    Code

      123                 113              ZZZ

      456                 113              YYY



      Now in my report output I want following:


      Sales Order    Item    Code

      123                ABC    ZZZ

      123                DEF    ZZZ

      456                XYZ     YYY

      456                PQR    YYY


      How do I do this? In short Table2 has data at Sales Order level and in my report I want to aggregate Code at Sales Order level.

        • Aggregation at different level

          Hi there,

          if your data model is as simple as above then Qlikview will link your 2 tables through the common key (Sales Order) the way you want.


          You can test this by:


          1) Create a new Qlikview Document and paste this code into the Script Editor



          LOAD * INLINE [

              Sales Order, Item

              123, ABC

              123, DEF

              456, XYZ

              456, PQR





          LOAD * INLINE [

              Sales Order, Step Type, Code

              123, 113, ZZZ

              456, DEF, ZZZ



          2) Reload the Document


          3) Open the Table Viewer

          - check how your data is linked


          4) Add Sheet Object "Table Box"

          - select the 3 fields Sales Order, Item, Code