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    Select based on expression

    Jonathan Love

      Is it possible dispaly in a chart only those records where the output of an expression in that chart meets a criteria?  Say the expression output is 1 or 0, and I only want to view those records where it is 1.  I know I should probably put a flag in the script and use that as a dimension, but I cannot do that at this time.

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          You will need to use the original expression in a conditional then. Say Count(FileNo) is your original expression that returns 1 or 0, and that the expression that you want to use is Sum(ByteSize) if that expression equals to 1:


          If(Count(FileNo) = 1, Sum(ByteSize)) 


          The If() will slow your chart considerably though, so think on that flag field or something to improve performance if you have some thousands of rows.


          Hope that helps.