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    Printing a survey with Trellis charts


      I'm making a qlikview app that collects survey questions and answers and found that hte new Trellis chart feature in QV9 is perfect for this. I just set the number of Columns to Fixed 1 and use Question and Answer as dimensions. You can enable the Secondary Trellis Dimension if there's groups of questions.

      The problem comes when I want to print this to PDF. It just prints one page, the first five Q&A's or so. I've tried multi-page, banding, looping over values and so on. Looping over value just prints one Q&A per page which is a waste. Banding doesn't work nor does multi-page.

      Can't set page breaks for graphs either. Anyone have any ideas? Would really like to solve this without macro's for a change, the Trellis charts are perfect except when printing to pdf but maybe I'm just missing something.