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    Help to Resolve Circular Reference



      How can i resolve this circular reference below.




      Thank you

        • Help to Resolve Circular Reference


          it looks to me that your Municipios table stores the name for the code field CD_MUNICIPIO and that you would like to use that name field in the 2 tables "Lojas" and "Clientes". If you only need 1 field from Municipios then you can use a Mapping Load. Mapping tables do not remain in your data model and therefore you will eliminate the Circular Reference:


          Note: Do you load your tables with a Preceding Load statement? You need that for this solution.


          1) Load the table "Municipios" as a Mapping table by adding the prefix Mapping before your Load statement for Municipios.


          2) Give the field CD_MUNICIPIO a unique name in the tables "Lojas" and "Clientes"


          3) For your "Lojas" and "Clientes" tables, below your renamed CD_MUNICIPIO field add a field using the ApplyMap statement:

              applymap('Municipios', CD_MUNICIPIO_Renamed,'Text if Code does not exist') as [Field Name], 


          I hope this helps,