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    Expression as Label on Datapoint

    Stefan van Diepen

      I am having a problem setting my expression as a label on my datapoints.

      I will add a Qlikview-file with a short example.


      What I want is the following:

      I have made a ABC-Analysis, presented via a Grid Chart.

      Now I want to show the total which gives the 'bubble' it's size.

      As you can see in my file, the current label on my datapoints says either A, B or C.

      What I want it to say, is the total of the 'count' I use as an expression.


      So instead of A, B or C, it should say (in this example) 1 for all of the bubbles.

      You can see this number if you put your mouse pointer on one of the bubbles.

      It's the number presented after the 'Count ([Material - Code & Name]) ='.


      Might anyone have any further questions, please ask .


      Thanks in advance!