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    How to Create custom variable and use them in other expressions

      Hi All ,


      This is Ravindra Mandre and just before sometime started working on qlikview  and obviously new to it.

      While doing some table operations I came to a requirement of creating some custom variables that can be used in other calculations and other expressions which includes the use of created varibles . for example


      I wanted to create one variable which will do some calculation like this 

      output_a= Count(variable_a) or AVG(variable_a)

      and then variable_a does some other calculations like 


      variable_a = if(someDate=Now(2) and otherDate=SOME_OTHER_DATE, true , false);


      So my question is that How I can create the custom variables so that I can use them into my calculations without repeating the same calculations again and again.


      Please help .


      Thanks & Regards

      Ravindra Mandre