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    Qlikview dashboard not able to be accessed

    Rajesh Vaswani

      Hi All,


      For one of our user accessing the dashboard from the access point.

      The user can see the dashboards on the accesspoint, however the accesspoint shows that the user is logged in as anonymous.

      When user clicks on the dashboard, it says error opening .qvp file name.

      Any ideas what this could be related to. Local/server settings, browser settings?

      Kindly let know if anyone has faced this and has resolved this OR could throw some light on moving this in the right direction?


      Rajesh Vaswani

        • Qlikview dashboard not able to be accessed

          Hi Rajesh

          My first instinct would be to add the site to trusted sites on the user's machine. BUT seeing that you say that it is only the one user - I would guess it has something to do with that user's authentication. Your root folder on your server where all the .qvw documents are - have you set up windows folder security for instance? If that is the case, make sure the user is part of the users or group that has been granted access.