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    Multi Developer Environment


      We just purchased QV for building our dashboards.


      Can you please tell me how multi developer environment will work in QV.


      We will create one set of qvds for our data load.

      We are planning to use 3 developers who can develop dashboard screens separately and we can merge them later into one dashboard environment.

      How can we achieve this.


      Also how source control will work in such environment.



        • Multi Developer Environment

          Hi Jeje, I am not sure what your question is, but I shall try to answer what I think you are asking. Seeing that you have one soure (set of qvd's) - for development I would give each of the developer a copy of the qvds set to develop on.

          Merging your dashboard environment later should not be too much of a problem (plain copy and paste) IF no changes are made in the load script (seeing that everyone is working with the same source). Versioning, etc. - according to my knowledge - will have to be done manually.