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      Do you know where I can buy books for QlikView (if there is one)?

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          Sunil Chauhan

          As per my knowledge there is no book available .

          You can follow qlikview mannual .

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            I agree with sunil's comment. No separate books available in the market for qlikview and there is no need to buy separate book for qlikview. If u want to learn Qlikview please refer the Qlikview tutorial or Qlikview reference manual.I always consider Qlikview reference manual as bible of Qlikview.U have installed Qlikview or not. If u have installed Qlikview then both the tutorial and reference manual will be available in documentation folder in qlikview programfiles.
            If u need any further reference regarding functions, please refer help page in qlikview. hope this ll help u.


            Warm Regards,

            Arun Prasadh.N.

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              For more advanced features also refer to the APIGuide.qvw (installed under Documentation folder - same place as your Reference manual with a full installation).


              Also check the knowledge base for white papers which may be of help.

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                Don’t be silly, of course we need books on Qlikview.  I would say that one of the weaknesses of Qlikview is the lack of good documentation on its use.  This is by no way an easy program to master.  I have bought both books;  Practial Qlikview and Hello Qlikview.  Both of these books gave me a better understanding of Qlikview and taught me something’s that I was notable to get easily from the company documentation but at the same time neither of these books showed me how to set up Sparklines. 





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                  There are 2 current books. "Hello Qlikview" and  "Practical qlikview", but you will be fine with the tutorial as mentioned by others. There is also a Qliktech authorised book being released in the next few months called "qlikview 11 from the inside out" (I may not have the name 100% correct)

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                      Aissam Boumejjane

                      Where did you get that info from?

                      I look forward for that book

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                          Full description for QlikView 11 from the Inside

                          The only QlikTech-authorized guide to QlikView 11 Co-branded with QlikTech, QlikView 11 from the Inside is written by bestselling BI author George Peck and endorsed by Donald Farmer, QlikTech product advocate. This practical resource gets you productive with QlikView, whether you are working on your desktop or in a mobile environment. The CD-ROM includes video and audio clips, short screencast tutorials, and sample QlikView documents. QlikView 11 from the Inside features: Technical review by the QlikView product development team Time-saving techniques for creating actionable BI Tips for going beyond features to get results fast Media enhancements that shorten learning curves Coverage includes: The Basics of a Load Script; Connecting to Data Sources; Script Language Overview; The QlikView Document; Common Properties for All Objects; QlikView Sheet Objects; QlikView Server/Publisher Overview; Adding QlikView Document to QlikView Server; QlikView Mobile

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                        A new book is available now: QlikView for Enterprises - A Practitioner's Reference.


                        Available for purchase in Createspace eStore, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, Pothi.com India and Flipkart.  Foreword by Johan Averstedt of QlikTech Sweden who helped QlikTech expand in the international markets.


                        This is similar to Ralph Kimball's Datawarehousing book - focus more on approach, principles and design for QlikView. Beginners to Experts everyone can benefit from this book.


                        You can read the Foreword and Preface on this page: [http://www.qv4ent.com/excerpt].

                        Amazon has the "Look Inside" to view pages inside the book.

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                          Barry Harmsen

                          https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6795646/QlikFix/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook.pngMight I also suggest:


                          QlikView 11 for Developers

                          (Packt Publishing, ISBN: 978-1849686068)

                          This book was authored by Mike García and Barry Harmsen and has a foreword by QlikTech's Donald Farmer. Technical review was provided by Ralf Becher, Steve Dark and Stephen Redmond.


                          With over 500 pages of original content, QlikView 11 for Developers offers a completely practical and hands-on guide to learning both basic and advanced QlikView development concepts. The book follows a practical case based on a fictional company; HighCloud Airlines. This case evolves throughout the book, developing your QlikView skills step by step while gradually building a complete QlikView solution.


                          Topics covered in the book include:


                          • Using script to load and transform data, and best practices for keeping everything manageable
                          • Data modeling, and how to overcome common modeling challenges
                          • Styling and designing your applications
                          • Advanced aggregations and expressions
                          • Point-in-time reporting and achieving complex calculations using Set Analysis
                          • Best practices for setting up a scalable data architecture
                          • Securing your data with Section Access
                          • Time-saving techniques for making your QlikView development more efficient.


                          All example and solution files are Personal Edition enabled. This means that anyone with the free, personal edition of QlikView can pick up the book and start learning how to develop QlikView applications. There is no need to invest in software beforehand.


                          QlikView 11 for Developers is available in both paperback and ebook versions, and can be purchased online through Packt (paperback + ebook), Amazon (Paperback - Kindle), Barnes & Noble and many other places.