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    ordering categories in a graph


      does anyone know how I can give a personalized order to columns in a chart?

      I found only other ordering criteria such as alphabetic order, numbers....

      In this case I need to order the second dimension of a chart.

      the order should be "rete"-"prodotto"-"servizi"-"marchio"...


      Any idea?

      Thank you very much in advance for your help!




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          Hi Silvia,

          if you got a individuel sort order for a field, you can create an additional table containing the according field and a order-field to use it for sorting in your charts.

          Check out the second chart in my little example app. The Column Name is sorted by expression --> Field Sortorder




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              unfortunately with the free edition I cannot open the file you attached to your message....

              anyway, I try to follow your instructions.


              Thank you so much!

              Bye Silvia

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                  Hi again,


                  here is the load-script snippet.



                  LOAD * Inline [

                  Name, Prename, Val

                  marchio, Reste, 100

                  rete, Alfonso, 200

                  prodotto, Amalia, 300

                  servizi, Guiseppe, 400





                  LOAD * Inline [

                  Name, SortOrder

                  rete, 1









                  After loading build for ex. a straight table chart with Dims = Name and Prename and

                  a simple expression like sum(Val).

                  In sort tab check "Sort  By Expression" for Name and put in "SortOrder" into expression editor.


                  If you got problems with it, post your app. People with an fully licenced version can open it