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    Scheduling of documents // "On event of other task" AND/OR "dependency"?



      I have a question related to the scheduling of QlikView documents in the Q(E)MC, more specific on dependencies between documents.

      Here I go:  What is the difference between

      • On event of another task > Succesful > "Document A"
      • Dependency > "Document A"


      Is there even a distance? should both be used together in particular situations? Does one option override the other when both are configured?


      The goal is i.e. launch "Document B" once "Document A" is finished.



      Thanks in advance!




        • Re: Scheduling of documents // "On event of other task" AND/OR "dependency"?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Maarten,


          "On event of another task" will trigger the reload just after the specified successes or fails, not specifying time.


          However, "Dependency" adds a new condition on when an already scheduled task has to be performed.


          Say you have a file reload scheduled at 0500. "Dependency" will check if the task specified successed, if so the reload will start at 0500 as scheduled, otherwise, it won't execute. But the reload will start at 0500, not when the specified dependent task fails or successes.


          Of course, both can be used at the same time, so when reloading Document1 successes, Document2 is reloaded (On event of another task) only if Document3 failed (Dependency).


          Hope that helps.