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    Rapid Application Development

    Rajesh Vaswani

      Hi All,


      To speed up development, I am looking at having couple of ready dashboards from which the user can start from. Also looking at QVT's if they can be of help. This is an open question for which I would appreciate any thoughts the community members can throw. I want to have something in place that is inline with existing conventions we have defined. We would be enforcing the user to follow these convetions by practicing this.


      Rajesh Vaswani

        • Rapid Application Development
          Rajesh Vaswani

          Howcome this topic does not attract interest? I was expecting lots of activity on this.


          Rajesh Vaswani

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              hi rajesh,

              this IS an interresting topic, but depending on the timezone you and other viewers are in, it can take some time to notice it (different times of work, lunchbreaks etc.).


              i think that sample applications, that are relevant to the actual tasks your users will have, are really usefull.

              the documentation has very few usefull examples, because the examples are VERY short.


              with inline loads (f.e. on seperate tabs of the script) in small examples, the problem of connections to datasurces and paths, should be eliminated.

              or you could put .qvw and .qvd in the same folder, and use relative paths.


              have you thought abaout a intranet wiki ?

              users can write an article about their new dicoveries, rarely used but important functions, code for special occasions a.s.o.


              having all developers in one office / next door, lunchbreaks at the same time, etc. can speed up knowledge transfer.

              if all developers have (at least read)access to the finished QVW of the other devs, they can look for code snippids or other things there if they need "inspiration" and cant find something suitable in the wiki.




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              any feedback ?