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    QlikView freezing - help please

      I've noticed this a few times now.


      I create a new object (this time a button), I go to edit something (this time 'enable condition) and everything freezes.

      The only thing I can do it to kill QlikView off from the task manager.


      I've attached a screenshot..


      Can I uninstall and re-install and not looses everything I've already done?


      or is there an update that fixed this?


      many thanks


        • QlikView freezing - help please

          could you post a screenshot in form of a picture (f.e. jpg or png) ?


          if you uninstall and reinstall qlikview, the documents (.qvw, qvd) are ,of course, not lost.


          to activate the license of the client, you only have to connect to the sever after installation.

          just connect to the server, open a document, and after a while the client recieves the license, restart client and your done.