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    Issue with Named user cals & releasing them

      We have 20 NAMED USER CALS  and another 20 DOCUMENT CALS.


      First of all. I created a report and assigned a user to it (assigned 1 document CAL to it).

      Yet if i let that user logon through the ACCESS POINT.

      That user is still taking a NAMED CAL. So what's the use of the DOC cal then?





      Second: There are 25 users logging on via the ACCESS POINT.

      All 25 can see all documents, as we only have 20 Named user cals, I tried to manually delete some licenses awarded to users that were logged on this morning. Yet when you delete a Named cal, you have to wait 24 hours untill someone else can take that Named Cal (and logon to the ACCESS POINT).


      is there a possibility to change this parameter (value) for this somewhere in the Qlikview Server configuration?

      Instead of 24 hours, change it to 6 for example?





        • Issue with Named user cals & releasing them
          Matt Crowther

          With regard to Point 2; I understand that the whole point of having the 24hr quarantine is to stop the swift re-use of CALs. If it were possible you could get away with only having a fraction of CALs to support a wide user base which of course equals less licence revenue for Qliktech.


          As for Point 1 it could be due to the fact that you have 'Dynamic CAL Assignment' checked in the General Server Settings or the User has been manually assigned a Named CAL. As far as I remmeber the way Qlikview Server works when checking CALs is first to check if the User is Named, if not it then tries to assign a Named CAL if its allowed if not it cascades down to Doc CALs. If you remove the Dynamic CAL assignment that should sort it.


          Note - this isn't the 'Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment' chceckbox under the CAL tab for individual .qvw's.


          Hope that helps,


          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd