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    Need data restriction help


      Hi All,


      I have below user table and I have attached sample reporting hierarachy. Need help to build identification code to restrict user by considering multiple data restriction fields.





      section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [  


      USER    Malinga    Coach

      USER    Odumbe    Coach

      USER    Sachin    Coach

      USER    Yosuf    Coach

      USER    Prasad    Manager

      USER    Praveen    Manager

      USER    Sunil    Manager

      USER    Srinath    SManager

      USER    Venkatesh    SManager

      ADMIN    JoyKing    Exec



      Reporting_Hierarchy Table:

      AgentName    CoachName    ManagerName    SManagerName    ExecName

      Vicky    Sachin    Prasad    Venkatesh    JoyKing

      Raj    Sachin    Prasad    Venkatesh    JoyKing

      Joseph    Sachin    Prasad    Venkatesh    JoyKing

      Rohit    Malinga    Sunil    Srinath    JoyKing

      Dhoni    Malinga    Sunil    Srinath    JoyKing

      Ponting    Yosuf    Sunil    Srinath    JoyKing

      Fleming    Yosuf    Sunil    Srinath    JoyKing

      Virat    Odumbe    Praveen    Venkatesh    JoyKing



      So, Ex: Prasad should be able to access Coach Sachin data and all his agents data.

      Sunil should be able to access coach Malinga and Yosuf data and all his agents data.




      Thanks in advance,