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    If statement not returning expected result.

    Shubham Kumar



      I have an expression where if condition/statement not returning expected result. Let me explain in the brief :


      Ex: If some field has two value in character of two. one is 'LA' and 'MA' and we are applying the logic in if condition if ( cityname='LA' the count the distinct cityname)




      (if(City='FT' and name<>'Cancelled' or name<>'Failed' and D_I<>'D'and COMP<>'19',count({$<TYPE={'xyz'}> }DISTINCT state )+if (city='FT' and name<>'Cancelled' or name<>'Failed',Count({$<TYPE={'xyz'},COMP={'19'}> }Distinct TICKET)))


      here even if we change the City='FT' into 'RT' then also it doesn't changes the value.


      Could anyone please help in this regard.