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    Command line command via 'Info Load'

      Dear all,


      Via 'Info Load' it's possible to open a document or a Website. Is it also possible to call/execute a command line command?



      For a given field in a report (ex. order), I would like to open a SAP-GUI and show the master data of this order. This could be done by executing the command below in the command line:

      start sapshcut.exe -system=SQ1 -client=100 -language=DE -reuse=1 -type=Transaction -command="*KO03 COAS-AUFNR=949000001;"


      I thougt that this command could be load via Info Load. But when the info button is pressed, just the text is going to be shown, but not the command line executed.


      Any ideas or workarounds?




        • Command line command via 'Info Load'
          Fernando Obara Suzuki

          Hi Thomas,


          I'm not sure if the 'Info Load' should work or not. But one workaround is to create a button with a trigger to execute the command. Have you tried this?






            • Command line command via 'Info Load'

              Hi Fernando,


              sorry for the late reply. Didn't got notified - or precise: got notified but mail was tagged as spam...


              As I didn't have a lot of QlikView experience I didn't thought of that way. But tried it an the first test seems to be working. Created a button with a start trigger and then for the trigger:


              application:     cmd

              parameter:     /c start sapshcut.exe -system=XXX -client=100 -language=YY -reuse=1 -type=Transaction -command="*KS03 CSKSZ-KOSTL=40620;"


              As a result the correct cost center was called in a new SAP session. As the parameter can be edited as a formula, I'm sure that it will be possible to extract the selection into the right places of the formula.


              Thank you very much.