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    IE Plugin problem post upgrade to QVS 11

    Richard de Gruchy

      Hi All


      I recently upgraded our test server from QlikView Server SBS v9 SR5 to v11 Initial Release (build 11.0.11154.0  - the latest from the download page)


      After overcoming a number of obsticles and upgradading several times (it's a virtual box so I was able to revert to a pre install snap shot), I now have the server working.  I can login and view models with the AJAX client both on the server locally and via a browser on a client PC.


      However, when I try to use the IE Plugin (which is our prefered method) the browser on the server just freezes.  I have installed the IE Plugin version that came with QVS v11 - it has the same build number as above.


      When I use a client PC (again with the latest IE plugin version) to access it I get a message stating the following:


      <specific server name and model details>QVSTunnel.dll%3host%3Dlocalhost could not be opened


      I have stopped the firewall on the server to allow port 4747 and I have run the following command as suggested in another post, to setup the QvsTunnel.dll file:


      %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set config "Default Web Site/Scripts/QvsTunnel.dll" "/commit:Default Web Site/Scripts" /section:handlers /accessPolicy:Read,Script,Execute


      I rebooted the server after the above to be sure but still I have the same problem.


      Can anyone offer any help.