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    Sum Weekend and Weekday?

      Hi all,


      anyone know how to set summary values for weekend (saturday & sunday) and weekday (monday till friday) for every week. so i want to know summary value (for example: sales) in this this week, which I separate the summary into weekend and weekday.


      thanks before

        • Sum Weekend and Weekday?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          You can use the WeekDay() function in your script, in the same place where you have the date field, and create a new flag field


          If(WeekDay(DateField) > 0 AND WeekDay(DateField)<6, 1, 0) AS WorkDay


          To get the sales on weekends


          Sum({< WorkDay = {0} >} Sales)


          And to get the sales on normal days, same expression but 1 instead of 0


          Sum({< WorkDay = {1} >} Sales)


          Hope that helps.