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    Help-System for QlikView Documents



      I am trying  to introduce a help system in my QlikView-Documents.

      In best case the enduser should be able to open Help-Popups with short descriptions by hovering over the displayed elements.

      Even for every value-type or column-description in a table a help message should popup on hover.


      First I want to ask if its possible to show popupmessages in QlikView (per macro) and if its possible to get the text, which a popup contains, by reading it out of a (text-)file.


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        • Help-System for QlikView Documents
          Vijay Kumar


          You dont need any macro for this. You can go to Properties---->Caption---->  At right bottom yopu can see help. You can write help text here and it will show as pop up when u click on ? sign on object.

            • Help-System for QlikView Documents

              Thank you Vijay Singh,

              this helps, but not completely solves the problem.


              I dont want to manually edit the help text for each field. I want to get the text for each popup out of a central file.

              Many Users can edit this file and create topics and help texts to the charts in the QlikView-Documents. If there is a way to read data out of a file and show it in a dialog or popup, please tell me.


              If this doesnt work: there maybe could be other ways to implement a help system in the qvw-files. For example by replacing the QlikView help (the F1 help) with a personal help-file/text.


              Can anyone give me some information about this?