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    Google Map data bubble Issue in Qlikview

      Hi - I have managed to incorporate the Google maps into my qlikview application, however after having the correct latitude and longitude populated more of the contries in my inline dataset, I still get for some countries the bubble appears in different places in a full view. For ex, India, United Kingdom, Japan etc. I think there are so many countries it does not show in the correct places when I look at the full world view. But if you zoom in to some countries then it does seem the focus going into the correct place and showing the bubble correctly, but not working in a full world view.


      I followed the same instructions provided in the qlikview community but not getting exactly how it should work.


      Could someone please have a look at the application attached here and suggest me as where am I going wrong? I wish it's not the inline data issue as I went through each country and got the correct latitude and longitude from the website.


      So please let me know if anyone spot the issue as where I am going wrong?