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    Section Access to filter results

      Hi all,


      I'm looking into section access to filter out report data when its loaded. I've read about it and seen a few examples, but nothing quite to what i need to do. If possible would someone be able to guide me through it, as i've read that if you get it wrong it can lock you out of the report.


      Basically i have a table with tasks set against usernames, the report shows details of these tasks and what i would like is to filter the results when the report loads so that users can only see what tasks are relevant to them.


      I know of the function to retrieve the OS User name and have managed to use it in a WHERE clause on a LOAD function, but this only changes on a reload, so until its reloaded it'll still show the data from the last load.


      Would i possibly in the section access declare a variable to get and store the username and from there use the variable in the WHERE clause?


      Thanks in advance

        • Section Access to filter results
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi James,


          If you have section access using NTNAME you don't need to reload with WHERE, because when each user logs in, if properly configured in the Settings menu, Document properties, Opening tab, Reduce data based on section access, data will be reduced for each user, meaning that all records not possible when that user is selected will be purged from memory.


          Note: Do not check "Strict Exclusion" at least for the time being to prevent lock outs.


          The above will do as if you were looping and using a WHERE condition, but it keeps you from creating as many reload tasks as users you have.


          Hope that helps.