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    Null - Not Null - Or?

      I have a table with 2 fields, field1 and field 2.  Field 1 has 100 records, field 2 only has 75 records.  When field 2 is null, I want to assign a value to it but the 25 records without data show up with what appears to be a null value.   I have tried several things.  1st, when I do a len(field2) all of them show up as 10, even if they do not have data in them.  I have tried doing a trim on field 2 but it deletes the entire line leaving me with 75 records not 100.


      How do I deal with a field that has no data in it, but has a length of 10?  I want the script to be, if Field2 is Null, assign Field1 as its value, else Field2.