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    Is it possible to allow user to edit table values?

      Hi, I am actually new to QlikView and am currently working on my first project. Its quite simple one.
      There are two excel sheets, with one table in each. The setup is quite typical:
      Table 1 is (Category,Products) and Table 2 is (Products,Sales)
      There are about ~10 categories, while about ~1000 products.


      So I just have to show Sum grouped by each category in pivot table and chart form. Clicking on a category replaces result in both tabular form as well as in Chart with sales for each product in the clicked category. This is Done.


      Now next request is for users to be able to edit the groupings. i.e. they want users to be able to edit which category a particular product falls under. How can I achieve this in QlikView? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.