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    Set Analysis, Dimensions and Bar Charts Oh My!

      Hello all.


      I am quite new to QlikView so any input would be most helpful.


      I have a Bar chart with some simple data points.


      It is using salesperson as the dimension.


      While I can get the average sale amount per sales person for the selected date period, I want to find the average sale amount across -all- sales people for that selected date period so I can determine individual variance.


      Avg({$} Sales.SalesAmount)  of course gets me the average individual for the selected period.

      Avg({1} Sales.SalesAmount) would get me the average for the individual for all available data.


      I'm afraid I'm just not mentally making the leap to what the solution should be but I am hoping it is fairly straight-forward and one of you will be able to help me.


      Thank you in advance for your time.