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    How to start a monthly chart not in January

      Hello, and thanks in advance for your support.

      My company has a tax year from July to June, so I need that any monthly chart will start in July or if the chart is in weeks,  in the week 27.  How to organize this?.


      Best Regards

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          Henric Cronström


          You can do this by defining a master calendar table already in the script. In the following scriptlet you will find one way to define your fiscal year:


          Let vStartOfFiscalYear = 7 ; // July (7) is the first month of the fiscal year


          Load distinct
          Month(TransactionDate) as Month,
          Year(TransactionDate) as Year,
          Date(MonthStart(TransactionDate),'MM/YYYY') as YearMonth,
          Dual(Month(TransactionDate), Mod((Month(TransactionDate)-$(vStartOfFiscalYear)),12)+1) as TaxMonth,
          Year(AddMonths(TransactionDate,1-$(vStartOfFiscalYear))) & '/' & Year(AddMonths(TransactionDate,13-$(vStartOfFiscalYear))) as TaxYear
          Load Date(MakeDate(2011)-1+recno()) as TransactionDate
          autogenerate 732;




          You will need to have a similar load statement, but you should probably consider loading everything from the transaction table:


          Load distinct

          resident TransactionTable;


            • How to start a monthly chart not in January
              Dennis Hoogenboom

              Here is another way:


              Add this to your calender script:


              JOIN (Master_Calendar)



              If(Week < 27, Week +26 , Week -26)  as WeekCount

              Resident Master_Calendar;


              Now you have a field (WeekCount) which start counting at week 27
              If you sort on Expression SUM(WeekCount) it get the result you want.


              Good Luck,




              PS If you dont have a Week field add the following line to your script:


              week(DateField)                                                                                 AS Week,