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    Qlikview Bookmarks related

    Subin Thomas

      I amusing a Qlikview 10.0 SR3 version. I want bookmarks to be created in server which would be accessible by any user.

      Is this aviable in the above mentioned version or is it a known bug that its not working?

      Please update me if there is any other way that bookmarks can be created in this version?


      And another query is if already existing bookmarks were created in Version 9.0 and after the upgradation has happened can me change or modify those bookmarks???


      Thanks in Advance

      Subin Thomas

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          Have you verified that "Allow Server Bookmarks" is checked on the tab "Document Properties|Server for each qvw you wish to allow server bookmarks?




          Have you verified that "Allow server objects" is checked on the tab "System|Qlikview Servers|[your servername]|Documents"?


          You should be able to both see and change the QV9 bookmarksafter upgrading to QV10.

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              Subin Thomas

              Hi Dave,


              Yup all the options under Document Properties| Server | Allow Server Bookmarks/Allow Server Reports/ Allow Server Objects are selected for the report.

              But still they user can create and edit the already existing bookmarks for the report after the upgrade.

              Could you suggest what else can i do for making it work?

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                  Subin Thomas

                  Hi All,


                  All the setttings were right.

                  Actually the client created bookmarks but for him it was always visible in his personal list and not in the 'Shared Bookmarks' list and so it was an issue.


                  Always please make a not that

                  The bookmarks can be created and shared across the users by checking on "Share Bookmarks with other users".

                  If your the creator of the Bookmark it would be in your My Bookmark list but for others it would be in the List of Shared Bookmarks.

                  So always the bookmark would be in your list 'My Bookmarks' as well as for others in the list of 'Shared Server Bookmarks'.



                  To Edit/Modify the existing reports the creator of the bookmarks only can make the changes.

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                      Kabilan Kumarasamy

                      we r using Full browser version to view the application in the accesspoint.


                      So, Where can I find the My bookmarks and Shared Server Bookmarks?





                      Kabilan K.

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                          Bill Britt



                          Right Click in a blank area and go to Repository. You will find them there.



                          qv11  SR2-2013-04-24-09-58-32.png





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                              Kabilan Kumarasamy

                              Hi Bill,


                              Thank U.


                              I want to know one more thing.


                              As they r mentioned in Qliview reference manual, server document has five bookmark(page 127)

                              [The Bookmarks dialog can be opened by clicking More... in the Bookmarks menu. It is divided into two

                              tabs (local documents) or five tabs (server documents), one for document bookmarks, one for user bookmarks,

                              one for the personal server bookmarks (server documents only), one for other users' shared bookmarks (server

                              documents only) and one for temporary bookmarks (server documents only). For more information about different

                              types of bookmarks]


                              So, I have opened the Local doc and server doc in a local qlikview desktop, but I can see the two bookmark.


                              1. document bookmark

                              2. user bookmark (I'm not able to understand this,please explain)


                              1. Where can find that five bookmarks(Server bookmark and Shared bookmark)?(because i want to import/export Server bookmark)?


                              2. Is there any way to Import/exprot the server book mark for the another user in full browser version?


                              3. can we do Import/export bookmark in Internet pulgin client?



                              Kabilan K.