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    show if (front end)


      can you help with the following problem..

      Preferably I would like to solve it in the front end.


      Please open the attachment for better understanding.


      In the top table I have fields: Captions, Reporting ORUs and the Key field (which consists of Caption+ReportingORU - was used for joining data btw. two source files).


      Now, one ReportingORU per one caption can have several values in column 'Scope'. I ranked the values in Scope 1- Significant, 2-Non-significant, 3- Not in Scope (field 'Rank').


      What I would like the lower straight table to do is to show per Reporting Org only Scope which relates to lowest Rank.

      So in the example in the attachment it should look:

      Captions              ReportingORU                Scope                  Min(Rank)

      Accounts p.          128543, 166564.....     Non-significant                 2


      Many thanks for help