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    Logesh Jayaraman



      Eventhough Qlikview installation is there in my system my QVW files are showing as the Qlikview is not installed in the system. If i open the Qlikview and able to open the Qlikview  files but if i click on the Qvw file directly it says the program is not installed. Any one faced the similar issue. could you please suggest.

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          Stefan Wühl

          It sounds to me that QlikView is not set as default program for file extension .qvw, for any reason (should have been set during installation, I believe). Have you moved your program folder or have you done a QlikView upgrade in the past (in other words, did you have the default program set right at any time in the past?)?

          Anyway, you could set the default program manually, I believe this should fix your problem.


          If you are using Windows 7, here is nice description:



          If you are using Windows XP or Vista, there are links to appropriate descriptions at the bottom of above referenced web site.


          Hope this helps,


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              Logesh Jayaraman

              Thanks for your response stefan.


              It was windows server 2003. It was working fine. It was showing all the QVW files in the Qlikview format. When i closed the QVW file it started showing the QVW files in the unknown format. I just logged of from the server and logged in . It is working fine. I am not sure how it is changed or way to go ahead if face the same issue again.