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    Question by a "Green" user

      Hello all,


      I've started working with Qlikview about two weeks ago so I'm really sorry about the silly question i'll present here. Please forgive me for my ignorance..


      I have a code that looks like on my database:



      1. 949848_9898989_3727

      2. 9483_87_97987987987




      I want to seprate the code and have the value of the first number until the "_"




      in the first code the value is : "949848"

      in the second : "9483"

      in the last code : "0"


      in Excel it's the "Text To Column" action that can help...but i want to know how to do it on Qlikview...



      Can anybody help?


      Thanks in advance,

        • Question by a "Green" user
          Stefan Wühl

          In your above sample, are '1.' and '2.' part of your data or just indicating record numbers?

          If latter, I think you could use subfield() function in your load to get the first part of each record:




          subfield(YOURFIELD,'_',1) as CodeValue,


          from DBTable;


          Hope this helps,