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    Rajni Batra

      How to highlight one bar by selecting it and simultaneously other bars should turn grey which is the sign of deselection? This is one of the QlikView-11 feature so plz guide me to implementit.

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          Stefan Wühl



          I hope I get correctly what you want:


          If you are talking about something similar to the bar chart on dashboard tab of the What's new in QV11 App, I think that is not a new feature, you could also do this in QV10.


          In this chart, you have a stacked bar chart, second dimension is Region. The expression is sum of Sales, but Selection in Region is cleared in a set expression, so your bar chart values are unchanged if you select in Region.


          The visual effect is done by a background color expression attribute, where you set the color of the stacked region according to your selection. The color expression attribute is available from chart properties - expression, then open the attributes by clicking on the + sign next to the expression name. Check the background color expression of the referenced sample.


          There are also some other examples here in the forum on how to set the color like descibred, but I think the overall idea should be clear now.


          Hope this helps,