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    PDF Reports

    rohit koul

      Dear All,


      I have developed a Application and also Uploaded on Server. i have Created some PDF Default Reports which Users can easily Download.




      Users through IE Plugin are not able to access those Repots Nor they are able to create there own Reports??????


      Using Ajax Client: They are able to download Deafault reports which i have created in Application.????


      Do any One have a solution For this????

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          Ashutosh Paliwal

          Dear Rohit,

          Please explain more details.

          Which Version you are using?

          what is the error users get when they try to open reports?

          is reports menu visible or not?

          Can you provide a screenshot of the the document opened by any user to see the difference?

          Also, I believe creation of reports is not possible by users on server.So, they will not be bale to make their own reports.

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              rohit koul

              Hi Ashutosh,


              Versions i have tested in 10 SR3 /4 also in 11.


              Problem which i am facing is the reports are Highlighted on Access point but i am not able to use them:

              Have a look on Screen Shots:


              On Acess Point i am able to see the Default Reports which i created while Developement but When ever i click to use it is not working:


              Report 1.png

              Also i am not able to create a new PDF report on Access Point but the option (EDIT Report) is visible to me:


              Report 2.png

              I hope you understood the Problem ........

              Did you faced such Problem?????

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                  Ashutosh Paliwal

                  Hi Rohit,

                  to create PDF on access point click on Edit Report, then on the drop down list choose my server reports or user reports.

                  See the sreen shots.





                  then add button will be available to create their own reports.



                  And, when you click does it not open this window?




                  if it does not, then I feel it is related to IE security. IE is blocking website to open content. Check with other sites if it allows to print??





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                      rohit koul

                      Thanks but Still i am facing few problems:

                      in my developer when i create a PDF Report i am not able to :


                      1. Check Share Option ( May be this is to be checked for sharing reports on Sever)

                      2. Nor  i am able to find any Name under Author Column!!!!



                      I think i am using a Trail PDF - Exchange 3 Software because of this.........


                      Do any one have a Solution regarding this. Also i am using IE 9 will this matter????

                      Report 3.png