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    WebPart - see only one .qvw document

      Could you please help me with following issue?


      When I add a webpart I can see only one QV document in the document list even if see many when I'm logged in on Accespoint(on server A). This document can be added as webpart and works fine, but I would like to see all other documents there.




      Server A: QVWS and SharePoint

      Server B: QVS 11

      Webparts version 11

      MS SharePoint Server 2010


      QVWS running on the same domain account as QVS and are is in ''QV administrator group'.

        • WebPart - see only one .qvw document

          Solved. The problem was that I had to manually uninstall previous Webpart solution and install it again by using files stored here: "C:\Program Files\QlikView\WebParts\Setup". I also get some errors in windows command line (Failed to find the XML file at location ..., The solution installation failed) and it was enough just run only that particular piece of script-line, from .cmd file.