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    QV 10 - SR3 or SR4 ?



      We are currently migrating from QV9 to QV10. Can anybody please tell me if it will good to migrate to QV 10 - SR4 directly (SR4 has just been released)


      or should we migrate to QV 10 - SR 3 for the time-being?

        • QV 10 - SR3 or SR4 ?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          SR4 was updated some weeks ago, and it has been recently updated. I'd strongly recommend to upgrade to this latest version (QlikView 10 SR4 build 9282). It is working fine and fixes some issues that were not fixed in SR3. So unless you have some known restrictions in hardware or software, I'd download the Release Notes and carefully do the upgrade process as described.


          Hope that helps.



          • QV 10 - SR3 or SR4 ?
            Rakesh Mehta

            Well, I found a problem with SR4 which may, or may not be, big issue for you.

            Current Selection box doesn't clear when you hit clear button. This is using 64-bit server QVS SR4 on AJAX.

            Same issue if you access application on Dev Client and in Web View.

            Issue has been reported to QV and they are working on putting a patch together.

            Just a little heads up.

              • QV 10 - SR3 or SR4 ?

                Hi Rakesh,


                When you mentioned patch, does it mean it's a small package we double click on server and it applies all the upgrade?


                Currently, when i'm doing upgrading, even if it's just SR upgrade, i reinstall the whole server, if there's really a patch, it will help greatly. and where can i get it?




                PS: what are the major changes in SR3 / SR4? something u know quickly that you could type out for me will do. Thanks.

                  • QV 10 - SR3 or SR4 ?
                    Rakesh Mehta

                    Yes, patch will come with the instruction of what needs to be done. Sometime they just replace some DLL files, or sometime they may ask to reinstall on top of what you have on the server. Totally depends on the patch type. You need to open a ticket with QV Support in order to get patch relevent for your issue. This pproblem I mentioned about current selection box, there is no patch built yet.


                    Regarding SR3-SR4 changes, please download release noted from QV download site. It will tell you what changes are there and what you need to upgrade it. Sometimes, there are special instructions, which may make your life easier with that specific upgrade.