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    Is it possible to run various charts off different sql queries



      I have connected my Qlikview document via ODBC to a view in SQL which has most of the fields I will need.

      My challenge is that some of the columns that I will need to be displayed in QV where calculated on the fly in SQL.

      How do I display these same fields in QlikView?  Do I write calculated fields and if so, how?  I am told calculated fields in QlikView slow the system down?


      The other approach I was considering, is to write out the actual queries that run the calculation in QV, (the sql editor area).  Is it possible to display charts that run off certain parts of a query i.e. can I have about 7 sql queries written in qlikview that feed 7 different charts?  If it is possible, how do I specify that a query is linked to a particular chart?


      Any suggestions would be welcome.


      Thanking you in advance.