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    Set Analysis rounding numbers - Remove Milliseconds during Script load



      I've been looking for a solution to remove milliseconds during a load script.


      something like this in SQL Server:

      DATEADD(MILLISECOND, DATEPART(ms, dateValue1)*-1, dateValue1) TruncatedDate


      I saw a post to truncate seconds using the floor, but I couldn't figure it out to remove milliseconds.


      basically I am trying to solve a problem where Set Analysis is rounding numbers, or dates if you like.


      on my attached example: I have a particular number of 40693.999998611 that translates to this date: '2011-05-30 23:59:59.880'



      with a very simple Set Analysis QV is picking that record and it shouldn't




                                    StartDate = {">=40694<40695"}






      this will produce: 1500






                LOAD * INLINE

                [          StartDate, Amount

                          40693.999998611, 1000

                          40693, 10

                          40694, 500