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    Command-line variable setting not working

    Angus Monro

      Hi Folks,


      I'm trying to run a QV10 SR3 QVW from the Win XP command-line, passing in a variable as I do so, but it isn't working as expected and would like your suggestions.


      The QVW is attached - it's quite simple, expecting that a variable x will be provided from 'outside', and doing this:

           trace x=$(x);

           LET y=x&x;

           trace y=$(y);

      The command-line I'm using is
           qv /r /vx=abc .\test.qvw


      The resulting logfile merely displays



      (whereas I expected




      and the resulting QVW has no variables listed in the  Settings>Variables Overview listing.


      I tried using /l (that's lowercase L) instead of /r,perchance it made a difference - but it didn't.


      Is there something I'm missing?