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    migration from qlikview server 9 to 10

    Sunil Chauhan

      hello all,



      i am testing migration on my local system. i had qlikview server 9  and have created two task .

      after migration to qlikview server 10.

      the two task are no more.


      can any one help me





      hope this helps

      Sunil Chauhan

        • Re: migration from qlikview server 9 to 10
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Sunil,


          These steps are from the Release Notes. As you can see, you have to migrate your scheduled tasks in the QEMC.

          From QlikView 9

           When having IIS and updating from Version 9 to Version 10 the QlikView virtual fol-ders (QlikView, QVAnalyzer, QVAjaxZfc, QVClients, QvPlugin, QVJava and QVPlugin) must either be manually deleted after un-installation or changed to point to the new folders (QlikView, QlikViewDesktop, QVAjaxZfc, QvClients and QvPlugin) after the upgrade is done.

           If there is no Publisher license (only a QlikView Server license) and reload tasks have been set up, a manual step is required.

          1. After installation, start all QlikView services.

          2. Go to the systems tab and select the QlikView Server.

          3. Go to the General tab for the QlikView Server

          4. Under the heading "Migrate Schedules" you will find a button to migrate the schedules. Note that this will only appear if you have any tasks to migrate and if the Management Service has connection to the QlikView Distribution Service.

           To avoid that the uninstall of version 9 removes the .config files, please make a back-up copy of the ones you have modified manually. The most common one is QlikView Distribution Service.exe.config.

           After an upgrade, the supervision accounts needs to be added in the QEMC again.

           When upgrading from version 9 to version 10 you should restart the [physical] server after the upgrade.

           Make sure that you delete temporary Internet files on the computer where you run QEMC/QMC after the upgrade.

          Hope that helps.