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    Mini-charts in Personal Edition

      Are mini-charts available in the personal edition?  If so, how are they made?

        • Mini-charts in Personal Edition

          Yes you can do it
          For more information, you can get the référéence in QlikView Reference Manual (Eng). Pdf page 110

            • Mini-charts in Personal Edition

              I've discovered that the minicharts are available when creating a list box.  Once you define an expression, you can then select how the data is displyed.  That's where the minichart option is located.



                • Mini-charts in Personal Edition

                  Hi Smiledrhldc,


                  In Chart - Pivot table and Straight table, while writting expression you can find mini chart option.

                  To answer your first question - Yes mini charts are availble in personal edition. While writting expression in list box and the above mentioned chart you need to select mini chart option and then in mini chart setting you can defind the dimension against which the mini chart will get displayed and set some properties like highlight maximum , minimum value etc. Also note that Mini charts will not be displayed when exporting to Excel.

                  To see in detail refer Qlikview 11 reference manual page 470.